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Call :07939 025881

Call :07939 025881

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

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The Team managed to complete the challenge in two days as a relay in a very impressive


17 hours 18mins and 19 seconds.

Safety Boat - Sea Swims, racing, Kayak events, working at sea


Skylark and its Skipper are an ideal chose for any one or any company wishing to hire a boat for safty events like sea Swims, Commercial Divers, Kayak events or Racing events.


The boat can accomadate 12 passengers seated


and can travel 20nm from any port during fair weather and daylight.


Call 07939025881 for more details

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Sea Swim Safety Boat

The Swimmers - Erin Hope, Kennady Webster, Lewis Sykes, DJ Morgan, Mary Hebron, Jane Sedman,Jon Lucas, Louise Scupham, and David Morgan


Support Crew - Paula Ambury, Philip Dickinson, Amanda Lee, Alan Scupham and Katie Lee (Lifegaurd)


Skippers - Nick Gough (Skylark), Martin Eves (Ord Pellit)

Kingfishers Open Water team undertaking the 2 mile sea swim from Scalby Mills to the spa




If you are looking for a safty boat to help you on your event, or if you have spare time on you hands and would like to help the Kingfishers Open Water Swimmers safety crew on thier training sessions.

kayakers Wanted


Please Contact

Nick: 07939 025881.



North Yorkshire Coast Swim 2014 - Staites to Speeton

On the 12th July 2014 the kingfishers Open Water team under took on their most challenge event todate with several of them swimming the channel as a relay the previous year, this challenge was over two days and twice as long as the channel.


The First day went well with the swimmers managing 8hrs 29mins and managing to swim to hayburn wyke.


Unfortunatly the weather conditions for the following day had deteriated and the rest of the swim was completed from hayburn wyke to speeton on the 26th July 2014

The team is hopefully going to repeat the challenge for a second time in 2015 and hopefully beat their original target.




North Yorkshire Coast Swim 2016 - Staites to Speeton