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Call :07939 025881

Call :07939 025881

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

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Taking Bereaved Families to Sea

If you wish your loved ones ashes to be scattered at sea, we can arrange this either with you or on your behalf in a caring and sensitive manner. (12 Passengers MAX)


Steaming along Scarborough’s picturesque coastline we can tailor a trip suit your needs.


Skylark has a code of practive to travel 20mile from any Port.


Skylark is fitted with plenty of seating and a toilet for the passengers comfort.

Prices for the full Boat hire with a skipper.



1/2 Hour       - £60

1 hour           - £100

1 1/2 Hours - £125

2 hours        - £150

2 1/2 hours  - £175

3 hours        - £200

4 Hous         - £250


we can cater for longer trips if need please ring for a price.


Benefits from scattering from a boat.

Benefits from scattering from a boat.


There no chance of being intruded upon


You can conduct a ceremony without the potential of onlookers


You can get to more inaccessible places.


could feel more of an occasion.


You are totally surrounded by the sea.


The ashes can be as one you don’t need to disperse them, the water will do that for you.


you do not need a licence to spread ashes in tidal coastal waters off of the UK.