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Call :07939 025881

Call :07939 025881

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

Coastal Cruises Scarborough

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Skylark can offer its services as a safety boat for Swimming events, Kayak events and any other water sport event were a safety boat is needed.


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Father Christmas

Skylark has recently been hired by TV companies taking presenters out for interviews.


Skylark has a large flat deckspace which is ideal for camera tripods to be suituated all around the boat. Also the deck has seats all around the sides of the boat which is ideal to get the perfect position.

Company Hire

Commercial Diving and Scuba

The Skylark and a skipper can be hired to be used in underwater operations and maintenance for commercial divers, the boat can also be used by diving club but unfortunately we don't offer our services to recreational divers.


We are looking at making the boat available to recreational divers in the future.

The skipper is Padi Open water Qualified.

For many years the Skylark has brought the Boyes store Father Christmas into Scarborough.